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War of Elements

Pick a side and take your prize!

War of Elements | Live Games | HollywoodTV

War of Elements is a simple and fast card game between a player and a dealer, where the viewer bets on the outcome. The game takes place in a live mode around the clock, where premium dealers invite the audience to bet on the outcome in an atmospheric set.

The game uses a simple deck of 52 cards and offers many betting options on the result, such as colour, suit, the exact value of the next card, over/under, a figure card or a non-figure card.

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  • Available 24/7, every few minutes
  • Available for retail, desktop and mobile
  • Customisable payouts
  • Customisable odds for desired RTP*
  • Live authenticity, with verifiable audio and video signals (Live Games)
  • Full HD – depending on bandwidth
  • Brand customisation

* According to the legal terms of your jurisdiction.

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