March 11, 2021

New website and brand image

HollywoodTV, the gaming broadcast provider, presents its new website.

New Website

HollywoodTV, the gaming broadcast provider, presents its new website with the latest content, all the brand live games portfolio, and an aesthetical renewal that recreates the image of an audiovisual show that defines the brand.

By using dark colours, mainly black and gold, the new brand tone aims to create a high contrast and a visual impact.

Its main elements are highlighted with light beams as spotlights, gold dust, and gold frames, to bring a distinctive colour and sophistication to the product image.

The website also aims to draw visitors’ attention towards the company’s wide portfolio of live and pre-recorded games, unique in the industry in its variety and quantity of instant lottery options.

Premium entertainment content with a showbusiness appeal, shown with glamour, vibrancy, and fun, thanks to this new website and the change in the design style.

The idea behind these changes is for HollywoodTV to create a complete show environment, smoothing the user experience and the contact with the hostesses.