20 Sep, 2021

HollywoodTV and TVBET: A fruitful collaboration

HollywoodTV and TVBET have agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership, strengthening their presence in the igaming market.

HollywoodTV and TVBET: A fruitful collaboration | HollywoodTV

HollywoodTV and TVBET have agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership, strengthening their presence in the igaming market. Their union first began in 2019, when HollywoodTV added TVBET games to its portfolio. HollywoodTV then successfully provided these games to partnering companies such as Big Bola, IGP, Tipobet, Betist and Sahabet. Alongside these previous relations, TVBET recently announced the availability of HollywoodTV’s game Mega 6 for its partners.

This bilateral cooperation extends the list of each other’s services, as well as connecting an expanded game offer to several partners.

HollywoodTV and TVBET offer an easy, fast integration of their live lottery and card game solutions to casinos and bookmakers. The companies’ content partnership has been successfully offering an extensive portfolio of fast-paced live games to their customers around the world.

Petr Korpusenko, TVBET CEO, said of the partnership: “The valuable combination of game suites with HollywoodTV allows us to provide customers with an even better experience. With both companies on the same page, we predict fruitful prospects for our teams and for the betting market in general. It will undoubtedly serve to strengthen our offer.”

“This collaboration with TVBET puts us in a strong position and allows us to offer the best live games in the industry to our clients and their customers. We are convinced that this long-standing, successful union will last a very long time.”

André Meusburger, HollywoodTV Sales Director.


TVBET is the world’s leading provider of live games offering a fully customisable games’ integration for bookmakers and casinos in order to support their growth and development in a competitive market. Since its launch in 2016, TVBET’s major idea is to create and then maintain top-shelf and up-to-date content for partners that will literally «glue» any player to their computer’s, tv’s, or smartphone’s screen. The TVBET operator crew are diligently conducting the technical aspect to pursue a high-quality «picture» and sound of broadcasting, while charming hosts make every player stay interested in the continuation of the game as long as possible. TVBET products are certified by GLI which confirms the randomness of the results. Currently, the award-winning provider operates 15 unique live games available worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About HollywoodTV

From a worldwide network of studios, HollywoodTV offers a fully compliant suite of live games to engage players everywhere and anytime in an immersive multi-channel experience. Backed by cutting-edge technology, an excellent team of professionals and over 10 years of experience delivering compelling live dealer experiences in the B2B industry, over 100 premium presenters are ready to captivate viewers 24/7.