12 Jul, 2022

Shortlisted at SBC Awards 2022

HollywoodTV has been shortlisted at the SBC Awards 2022 for Best Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product.

Shortlisted at SBC Awards 2022 | HollywoodTV

HollywoodTV, the ultimate live games provider, has been shortlisted at the SBC Awards 2022 for Best Land-Based Betting & Gaming Product, as part of the Supplier category.

HollywoodTV’s retail solution suits every operator in the world, able to be broadcast through satellite, if necessary, in countries with low bandwidth.

The solution was designed with an intuitive and revenue-boosting interface, making it really easy to bet and navigate through the different games and screens.

Two other features that highlight HollywoodTV’s land-based solution are its consistency to improve players’ user experience, and the possibility of TV and cashier screens customisations - not only including brand logos and colours, but also creating games and studios.

Thanks to the company’s flexibility of its land-based product, HollywoodTV has been recognised in the industry and now has the possibility of winning one of these well-known awards.

Other brands belonging to the same holding, like GoldenRace and Novusbet, have also been shortlisted in the SBC Awards 2022 in several categories, including Best Virtual Sports Supplier (GR), Best Virtual Sports Innovation (GR), Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation / Software (Novusbet) and Innovation in Mobile (Novusbet).

This will be the 9th edition of the SBC Awards, which will take place in Barcelona for the first time in their history.

Check the full list of SBC Awards 2022 shortlisted companies here.

About HollywoodTV

From a worldwide network of studios, HollywoodTV offers a fully compliant suite of live games to engage players everywhere and anytime in an immersive multi-channel experience. Backed by cutting-edge technology, an excellent team of professionals and over 10 years of experience delivering compelling live dealer experiences in the B2B industry, over 100 premium presenters are ready to captivate viewers 24/7.