13 Jul, 2021

The Lottery: The game with never-ending appeal

HollywoodTV has over 10 years of experience as a live games provider, and our lottery-style games are a timeless classic for players.

The Lottery: The game with never-ending appeal | HollywoodTV

The lottery is a worldwide crowd-pleaser that is known to date back centuries and even millennia. Rumour has it that early lotteries served many purposes, from raising money for the local community to providing entertainment at lavish events.

In modern times, not only is its popularity unfaltering, but this form of entertainment is now more accessible than ever thanks to the live casino games that are offered online.

HollywoodTV’s live games allow players to try their luck anytime and anywhere. With over 10 years of experience as a live games provider, we understand the importance of a wide and attractive variety of game options to suit the modern market.

HollywoodTV’s lottery-style games

Our state-of-the-art software means that players have endless combinations and thus endless chances to win – instantly!

We have an extensive games catalogue of both live and pre-recorded lottery-style offers so that players can choose according to their own tastes and tactics to obtain the best winning results.

What’s more, players enjoy being accompanied by stunning hostesses who guide them through an unforgettable online gaming experience.

Numbers, colours or both!

Our lottery-based games have a variety of betting options and range in simplicity and speed so that players can choose exactly what they want. Of course, it’s not only numbers that provide the winnings, which is why we also offer the chance to combine numbers and colours to increase players’ odds. Naturally, all of our machines are 100% certified to guarantee honest and totally random results.

Check out our extensive selection:

  • 1 Bet, 5 Bet and 7 Bet
  • Mega 6 and Mega 7
  • Lucky 6
  • Super 5 and Super 7
  • Lucky Colour
  • Keno Classic and Keno Deluxe
  • Fruit Race

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