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live dealer games solutions

with the latest technology, to help you boost your casino, betting shop, or igaming platform.

We are pioneers of the industry, having created the world’s first TV casino and working with some of the largest operators and broadcasters worldwide.

State-of-the-art technology and high-end production skills ensure that your players will always have the latest premium formats available.

Broadcasted live every day from our HollywoodTV studios using the latest technology, including 4K cameras and a fully robotic environment. All shows are transmitted globally via satellite and optical fibre, ensuring the utmost quality.

Our product presents the possibility of delivering customisable odds - so that you can match the desired RTP* - and it is fully white-label.

Having detailed knowledge of your audience, we can deliver fully customisable live gaming solutions.

* According to the legal terms of your jurisdiction.


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Gaming Experience

Online | global._solution | HollywoodTV



HollywoodTV online solution suits every platform in the world and will be included directly in your website through a simple integration. Complete betting information and an engaging appearance that will make your players never want to leave!

global._solution | HollywoodTV

Familiar layout

The set of common elements across all games will create a sensation of consistency and familiarity during your players’ journey.

Branding option

Our solution is 100% white-label. The HTML5 front-end allows you to place your brand logos and colours in every element of the platform.

Clarity & comfort

Complete and clear information to guide your players in every page for the most comfortable and easy betting experience.

Retail | global._solution | HollywoodTV



Our retail solution suits every operator in the world. We can broadcast through satellite in countries with low bandwidth, we have RNG games for countries where live games are still not permitted, and we can also create your own studios and games.

global._solution | HollywoodTV

Intuitive interface

All our cashiers have an intuitive interface to boost your revenue. It is really easy to bet and go through the different games and screens.


All the elements are placed equally across the games (countdowns, event id, ticket info, jackpots, next draw) to improve your players’ user experience.


At HollywoodTV we can customise all the TV and cashier screens with your brand logos and colours, and also create games and studios for you.

Mobile | global._solution | HollywoodTV



Designed specifically for this platform to optimise the user experience and easily engage your players. We offer them a comfortable way of betting from their devices, with a new fresh casino-style look and all the features from the other versions.

global._solution | HollywoodTV

Modern design

Our mobile version has an intuitive casino style and a fresh-looking betting interface that will attract and captivate your audience.

Easy to play

Players just need to select the game, bet type, numbers and amount. They can immediately confirm the bet and watch the results in real time.

Bet Control

Your customers will be able to control their bets and study the game rules while also checking the history of the latest results and all the statistics.